Wednesday, May 06, 2009

May/June Horn Book Magazine

The May/June issue is out, bedecked with a pastelly portrait of Frances the badger digging into her bread and jam. Along with the articles you can read online--an interview with Sarah Dessen, Jack Gantos on booze and books, Janet Hamilton on science books--the print edition includes an essay by Linda Sue Park about food, glorious food in children's books with associated anecdotes by Lynne Rae Perkins and Peter Sis and a heartbreaking poem by Arnold Adoff; Lizza Aiken writing about her mother Joan; and writer Debby Dahl Edwardson on what raising children in the Arctic taught her about the who-can-write-what-about-whom debates. Caldecott Honor winner (and once co-conspirator with me in creating the perfect birthday present for Elizabeth) Melissa Sweet contributes the Cadenza, "4 p.m." Subscribe, already.


Genevieve said...

Roger, this description makes me want to resubscribe (I let my subscription expire in a fit of frugality). But resubscribing wouldn't get me this issue, would it? Usually subscriptions start with the next issue? I would like to have this one if possible, as I have a special love for Joan Aiken.

Roger Sutton said...

We can start your subscription with whichever issue you wish! Just do it by phone (800-325-1170) rather than the website.

Anonymous said...

Can I buy just one? I don't have a subscription, but I'd love to order this issue.