Tuesday, May 12, 2009

R.I.P. Eden

Former New York Times children's book editor Eden Ross Lipson died this morning. She was the editor who first hired me to write for the Times, and she taught me a lot in regard to how to write for a general audience about children's books. We became pals over the years and I'll miss her. For our November, 2000 special issue on "the Future of Children's Books," I asked a couple of dozen writers and critics to name one book to put into the time capsule for future child readers, and you can read about Eden's choice here.


Anonymous said...

How sad! Her guide to children's books is a much-worn volume on my shelf.

I'm curious what her advice was to you about writing for a general audience. Any tips you're willing to share?

Robin Gaphni said...

Thank you for re-running that article. It was a nice tribute to Eden Ross Lipson.

I love it that she chose the Little House books to put in a time capsule. Those books had a big impact on my early reading life. Their message is timeless (and needed now more than ever).

Janssen said...

Anyone who chooses Laura Ingalls Wilder's books is a hero to me. Thanks for sharing.