Friday, May 22, 2009

Starring Adam and Kris!

"Strategically placed almost midway between the annual Games, [the Victory Tour] is the Capitol's way of keeping the horror fresh and immediate."--from Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.


Anonymous said...

If only they we're fighting to the death in AI. Then I'd watch.

Anonymous said...

I'm suffering from my own fresh horror at noticing an unnecessary apostrophe in the message I just posted. Please make the correction in your head.

Melinda said...


I'll fight you for it.

Elizabeth said...

Roger, I hate you.

1) Someone in your office has a galley of Catching Fire and you never even MENTIONED it

2) What is wrong with you that you don't like the two greatest pieces of American entertainment created in the 21st century, Idol and the Hunger Games?

2.5) I noticed the similarity between Idol and Hunger Games way before you did. It was when I was wishing that Portia and Cinna, the main stylists for Hunger Games, could go to work on Randy and Paula.

3) Go ahead, Horn Book readers, flame me. Idol is over for a year and I've got 9 long days to get through till Monday June 1st which is my BEA comp day, already set aside for reading Catching Fire.

4) Roger, why do you think Lois Lowry owes you? I was the one who stood up for Hunger Games on your blog, not you.


your best friend, Elizabeth

Roger Sutton said...

I should point out that the quote is from, like, page three, so I'm not spoiling anything for anybody.