Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July Notes

The latest Notes from the Horn Book is out, with an interview with Rebecca Stead; four more great books about New York City; summer reading for middle-schoolers; picture books about food; and a tip of the hat to the Coretta Scott King Awards, celebrating their fortieth birthday this year.

In a first, you will find the CSK acceptance speeches in the July issue of the Magazine but DON'T LOOK YET, as it cannot be published until Monday, after the Newbery and Caldecott speeches are given at ALA in Chicago. I'm told you can get a copy hot off the presses at our booth (#2259) that day if you sign over your first-born or sign up for a subscription.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful spam, Roger.

Can you tell us about the putsch in BBYA? Have they killed it?

Roger Sutton said...

Deleted spam for (I think) Chinese gold farm; Liz B. has the whole BBYA story at

Anonymous said...

Thanks, in advance, for publishing both Nikki Grimes' words and the words to the CSK speeches.

Just thanks.