Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Milton Meltzer, 94

"That damned Horn Book"--the first words Milton Meltzer ever said to me, upon our mutual introduction fifteen years ago. Meltzer was ever-watchful of how the review journals were treating nonfiction books, a crusade begun by him in our pages more than thirty years ago. We commemorate the passing, on September 19th, of this omnivorously curious and immensely prolific writer with a profile of him written by Wendy Saul upon the occasion of Meltzer receiving the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award in 2001.


Anonymous said...

baby (admittedly cute) 6 comments
Meltzer 0 comments What does this say about the commentariat?

Roger Sutton said...

baby: post up for almost 48 hrs. And cute.
Meltzer: give it time.

As I was saying to Mitali Perkins the other day, if you want comments on your blog, just say something even mildly less than complimentary about either another blog or the act of blogging.

Carol Hinz said...

Thank you for posting the links to these articles. It's fascinating to think about what has--and hasn't--changed in perceptions of nonfiction more than 30 years later.

Karen said...

Milton Meltzer was a great man and a great writer, and I'm sorry I never wrote to tell him I thought so.

Ms. Yingling said...

Meltzer's Tough Times was a fabulous first person (although fictionalized)account of teenage life in the Great Depression. He will be missed.