Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taking names

I think it was in Martina Navratilova's autobiography that I read that Rita Mae Brown found names for her characters by wandering through old cemeteries. Now she could just wander through my junk mail, which today provided me with Dahlia Holley, Ailene Petruso, Arlean Taina, Shane Zavatson and Sarah Madrid. There must be a science to spam-name generation and I would love to know it--they are usually just the other side of plausible.


deborah freedman said...

Yes. The Junkies - I collect them! So far, I have over 300, and am willing to share: http://deborahfreedman.wordpress.com/2009/10/06/the-junkies/

jimmyprell said...

I often get names by leafing through my TOTAL BASEBALL encyclopedia. Which is like a cemetery for retired ballplayers, on their tombstones is engraved their final stats.

James Preller

Roger Sutton said...

add Chantay Branner.