Friday, October 09, 2009

They're Gonna Put Me in the Movies

Some documentarians are coming by today to interview me for a forthcoming film about children's books. It did make me clean my office, so that's good.


janeyolen said...

Yup--they are here today and me with jetlag and a burst ear drum, a raspy voice, and up to my. . .well. . .ear drum in antibiotics.

Should be a fun shoot.


janeyolen said...

They asked interesting questions.I gave questionable answers.


melanie hope greenberg said...

Roger, Monica Edinger posted your shoot on FB. Congrats!

Jane, sorry to hear about your ear. My ears occasionally clog up and I lose hearing. I get so depressed when that happens. My father was hard of hearing and I feel much compassion for the frustration it brings up. Hope you are feeling better.

Sharon Creech said...

These are fascinating; thanks so much for the link!