Saturday, November 07, 2009

Can I buy an umlaut?

I love it when my second-favorite magazine meets the interests of my first:
"The young miller is naive, vulnerable and over-enthusiastic, with a poetic imagination, but not psychotic! As to the cycle's ending, his death in the brook makes me think of the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials. Pullman imagines death as a dispersal into the universe, an absorption into the cosmos, and that's very much the sense we have here."

--Tenor Mark Padmore talking about Schubert's Die schone Mullerin in the November issue of Gramophone.


Monica Edinger said...

ooh,I want an umlaut too. I can never remember out how to do them on an American computer keyboard. Now a Swiss or German keyboard has them all (and has some interesting changes based on the most used letters in German).

Monika Schröder said...

As a person with an umlaut in her name I can help you. Here are the instructions if you use windows on a PC:

Use the keystrokes "Ctrl+Shift+:" , and then press the vowel. This will place a lower-case umlauted vowel letter like ä, ë, ï, ö or ü.

Use the keystrokes "Ctrl+Shift+:", but hold down the "Shift" key to for the umlaut in a capital letter. This will place a capital vowel like Ä, Ë, Ï, -- or Ü.

For MAC: Just press "option+u" and the two dots appear.


Melinda said...

Kind of interesting to use Pullman to explicate Schubert. *fangirl vibes*

I want the variations and themes on Die schone Mullerin for flute and piano played by Jean-Phillipe Rampal. i-Tunes doesn't carry it. This makes me cranky.

Roger Sutton said...

Thank yoü Monika!

Monica Edinger said...



Vielen dank.

auch Monika aber ohne umlaut

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