Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I hope it isn't ALL Ben & Jerry's

Going to Vermont for a few days; hoping to see Katherine Paterson and HB reviewer Joanna Rudge Long (who lives not near but ON the Appalachian Trail) but otherwise just r&r, Roger and Richard, and Buster, who at twenty is too old for any trailwalking but we hope will enjoy the fireplace. Lots of reading planned--Richard gave me the latest Arthur Phillips for my birthday and I've got the second book about the tattooed lady (as well as the new Vanity Fair which promises a hatchet job on same by Christopher Hitchens) and the new Isabel Dalhousie "mystery" on audio. All that and a hot tub!

And look for the new Notes from the Horn Book later today, where I interview Jim Murphy about his new book about the Christmas Truce--appropriate for Veterans' Day, yes?


scb said...

This sounds wonderful! Enjoy your time there -- and I'm sure it isn't all Ben & Jerry's. Hope Buster enjoys the fireplace!

Looking forward to the information on The Christmas Truce.

Anonymous said...

There isn't even a Ben&Jerry's in Montpelier, our state capitol, any more. O, the horror.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean to link to the new Notes, or are you trying to make us subscribe?

Roger Sutton said...

Leda, last I was in VT, people kept pulling me aside to whisper "Have you been to . . . Ben & Jerry's yet?" like it was some kind of secret state treasure. Worse, I did not get a single recommendation for anywhere else. Do those guys have some kind of socialismistic monopoly?

Anon, Notes comes out this afternoon and I won't be here to post when it does. A subscription is free and can be obtained by clicking the "sign up for newsletter" link on the right-side border.

Shoshana said...

I appreciated your points From the Editor in this issue of Notes. The nine-year-old I was would have loved to wave that paragraph in my parents' faces. Knowing the vital stats of all (at the time) seven Baby-Sitter's Club members gave me ownership and made me want to keep reading, and I can only imagine the feeling of power a similar level of knowledge gives a young fan of sci-fi or horror.

Sarah said...
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