Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So long, Claire-bear

I'm sorry to have to tell you that our cherished Claire Gross is soon to depart these glamorous environs for the delights of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, home of many Horn Book friends including Betsy Hearne, Christine Jenkins and Deborah Stevenson. So now you will have to subscribe to BCCB. As well. It is a first-rate school for first-rate Claire, and if I've done nothing else in this job I can die content knowing I helped bring Claire into the noblest profession. But our days will be a little poorer and considerably more disorganized in her absence.


david elzey said...

claire is forever the heroine in my "how i got my internship at the horn book" tale. pass along my well wishes.

Monica Edinger said...

Wow, that is your loss and the BCCB's great gain. Good luck, Claire!

Kitty said...

Boy, does that cake look good. Might I suggest a "Welcome Back Kitty We Love You" cake since no one saved me a piece? No fruity fillings, please.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Claire's leaving! How will you survive? Good luck Claire! (make sure you send Kitty some cake)

Penni said...

I love Claire from afar (Melbourne's quite far).
I wish her every joy.

Lyle Blake said...

This item does not in fact say that she is going to be working on or involved in the Bulletin, although some people are assuming that she is, presumably because it is published for the school to which she is going.

So, is she going to be working at BCCB?

Lyle Blake Smythers

Claire said...

Lyle: Yes, I will be joining the BCCB team as a graduate assistant, but not until after my first semester.

Kitty: If you will trek out to my place, there is still cake in the freezer... for a price -- say, carrying a couple boxes downstairs with your buff new-mom arms?

Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes and warm thoughts. I will certainly miss the Horn Book, but I'm only a blog comment away. :)


Shoshana said...

I'm trying to picture a Horn Book staff meeting without Claire, and it's difficult. And can films still be adapted from children's books without Claire to review them?

Seriously, it's quite a loss for The Horn Book and quite a gain for the University of Illinois. Congratulations, Claire!