Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Awards page

Kitty, Lolly and intern Shara have worked indefatigably to bring you the ALA Awards page, which lists all the winners announced on Monday and includes links to our reviews where available.


fairybookmother said...

Argh. Thank you. Since the ALA site was down this morning (not like anyone would want to link to it today for any reason), I didn't have any neat and tidy list to link to from my blog.

This is much prettier anyhow. Bravo, Kitty, Lolly, and Shara.

Jennifer Schultz said...

Thank you! This is great (but please, please get Notables up soon...ALA's link is broken, and I've given up on the site for the rest of the day thanks to you). I really appreciate it. I'm checking our collection against the lists (which I'm sure many people are doing, or trying to do, this week), and it's nice to find all this in one place.

Diane Schrecker said...

Links and reviews ... awesome.