Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pictures from an exhibition

First up Kristin Cashore, sore but happy about her previous day, spent learning the TRAPEZE.

Mitali Perkins is convinced that social networking can sell books. She sure is good at it, too. (photo credit Judith Jango-Cohen)

Lois was really happy when I told her that the third Stieg Larsson book was available from amazon u.k.

M.T. Anderson doesn't eat broccoli because he likes it but because it is good for his writing. Plus--pass it on--he likes chick flicks.


Anonymous said...

"M.T. Anderson doesn't eat broccoli because he likes it but because it is good for his writing."

I know. I know-- He eats broccoli, paces and hums. But what is it, the iron? Is the color particularly stimulating? The crunch?

Most important of all, I suppose. . .

Raw or Cooked?

: )


Roger Sutton said...

A better question: why does Blogger picture posting suck so hard?

I believe the power of the broccoli is in the nutrients.

Anonymous said...

I thought it might be the aroma. Wasn't there a composer who kept a bowl of decaying apples by the piano because the smell inspired him?

I've been teasing about this, but I am curious how we try to manage our creativity. Does Anderson have rituals that he engages in deliberately, or are they unconscious behaviors with a pattern he doesn't recognize except in retrospect? Do rituals really affect your creativity, or are they superstitions? If I ate an entire head of broccoli last time I had writer's block, will another head of broccoli help me write now? That sort of thing.


melanie hope greenberg said...

Roger, We have a mutual blog template. The photo image comes up as code on top of that posting box all the time after uploading . 1)drag the photo code to the desktop 2) erase the code on the top 3) drag the photo code from the desktop to the place you want it to be in the post. Hope that makes sense. As a techno-peasant I use the easiest routes (to me).

ps mostly wanted to compliment you on the color combo of your shirt and bowtie. Awesome!

Beth Kephart said...

Wow. I have the same blogger photo issue and, despite the goodness of your other commenter, I am not smart enough to fix it.

In the meantime I only wanted to say: Thank you for the virtual trip to ALA.

Wendie O said...

Another way is to write your blog. Then load a picture. Highlight the whole HTML for that picture, cut and paste it where you want it to be in the blog. Load the next picture (they always load at the top of your blog), cut it and paste it where you want it to be in your blog. Continue until done.

Then click "publish" and view blog. If you don't like the placement of something (at this time I usually hate something about the words), then click the little pencil to edit it -- and edit it to suit.

Always great to see you at ALA. (even if it's in the hall and you don't see me) See you again in Washington, DC.

Lisa Yee said...

It looks great on the LiveJournal RSS feed.

lenore said...

Poor MT didn't get a hug! Happy New Year, Roger! Hi Kristin!

Joyce said...

Yeah, I like that shirt & tie combo, too. Wear it in June, too, OK?