Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bring your own mushrooms

Chelsey reviews the new Alice in Wonderland.


Lyle Blake Smythers said...

Thanks for the perceptive and interesting review. It is the second online review I have seen today, and they both use the term "prophesize," which of course is not a real word. It makes me wonder if the movie itself uses the word and if these reviewers are picking the neologism up from studio promotional materials.
While I'm being a cranky old word coot, I might exhort your reviewer to look up "usurp," the meaning of which she does not appear to grasp accurately.
Otherwise, well done. I find it possible to swallow great liberties taken with great works when I know about such deviations in advance.

dkm said...

Amen re: "prophesized," the nonsense use of usurp, and knowing in advance of a film's deviation from the story.

The cinematic deviation from Where the Wild Things Are, however, was hard to swallow.


Anonymous said...

Burton's take on Alice will be no surprise to anyone who saw his Sleepy Hollow. For better and worse, here is a guy who likes to put his source material through the grinder, not who wants to do right by Washington, Carroll, Tenniel, or anyone else.

Uma Krishnaswami said...

Deposed, that's the word. It was driving me crazy. Interesting review, though.