Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Letter to Japan

A great song by Bird and the Bee, and one I would like to sing today in honor of Japanese publisher Rei Uemura, remarking in the April 5th issue of PW of the offerings at the Bologna Children's Book Fair: "There are too many zombies, vampires, werewolves. I can't tell them apart anymore."

Diane Roback offers many more juicy quotes in her report on the Fair. I found Jen Haller's (of Penguin) observation particularly interesting: "people are bringing a lot of teen fiction to sell, but they're looking for middle-grade." As are we.


Anonymous said...


I was surprised by your comment at Pomona about the short-shrift MG has been getting lately. But I see your point. You mentioned that there was a time earlier when picturebooks were king. Is it cyclical, do you think? Is the cycle the same one as the vampire one? Is everyone writing about vampires, so they are writing for older readers?


Roger Sutton said...

It's very cyclical, and dependent upon where the population is bulging at any given time--the same babies who caused all the picture books to be published twenty years ago are also responsible for the past decade's boom in YA.