Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday morning reading

Oh, so much to catch up on here and an editorial to finish to boot. In the meantime, check out two essays by Friends of the Horn Book: Boston Globe-Horn Book judge Julie Just writes about parents in YA books for the NYTBR and Zetta Elliott, whose "Decolonizing the Imagination" appeared in the March/April issue, considers "blackness and borders" over on her blog, Fledgling.

Back to the editorial. Paying heed to the Horn Book's legendary fact-checking, I now have to go watch Working Girl to make sure I have a quote right.


Anonymous said...

Roger, I admire your professionalism.

Roger Sutton said...

Wow, I forgot what a great movie that was--so carefully constructed and with wonderful performances by everybody. I hope to use "I've got a mind made for business and a bod made for sin" sometime today in a conversation.

Elizabeth said...

I was wondering what quote you were going to use. I have a few favorites from that film. Sigourney Weaver, with a broken leg, getting off a helicopter high on some painkiller and saying "Let's all have one, shall we?" Or the famous "$6,000? It's not even leathah!" Or "Trask? The same Trask who said 'what if we sliced the bread before we sold it?'"

I didn't realize how well I knew this movie.