Friday, July 09, 2010

Do you have to be one to play one?

Lily Tomlin famously said no, and Arthur Levine has a good discussion about Ellen Wittlinger's article in the July issue going over at his eponymous blog.


Moira Manion said...

Thank you for posting this, Roger. I have several friends who are authors of LGBT and gender speculative science fiction, but they don't follow trends in children's literature very much. I'll pass this along to them.

It amazes me how society can simultaneously take steps forward, while dragging it's feet in the dirt of the past.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roger - by any chance could you post Kathy Isaacs' excellent "building bridges" article on Horn Book so that we can link people to it? I think it is really pertinent to this discussion. signed, betty tisel who would rather be a person than a letter L G B T Q A

Anonymous said...

lol your blog server asks that commenters "choose an identity" as we post our comments

betty tisel