Friday, August 06, 2010

Common sense, my aunt Fanny

Pat Scales weighs in on "Common Sense Media." (How can I NOT put that in quotes?) You might recall our earlier discussion.

Off to New York today to help Elizabeth celebrate her 29th birthday. I have The Little Stranger and The Godfather of Kathmandu for the Limoliner, so I should be sufficiently prepared for the horrors of Manhattan in August.


Moira Manion said...

I'd like to send CSM a bag of this year's ALA Banned Books Week buttons:

Liz B said...

It looks like CSM is pulling (and sometimes revising) the titles that are highlighted in these articles.


Judy Blume's books were gone then reappeared. FOREVER was back as of yesterday with an age of "ON" for 13 instead of "iffy" for 15; ARE YOU THERE GOD wasn't there yesterday but is there now, for ages 10 & up.

Of course, no transparency as to what/how/when things are being changed, or why, etc.

Michael Grant said...

I take time from my busy schedule to tweak CSM on Facebook from time to time.

So, recently I related a story to them. My son (13) and I were just in San Francisco -- CSM's headquarters -- and while driving along the Embarcadero came upon two guys stark naked and riding bikes. Yes, completely naked.

So I asked CSM whether they would rate San Francisco unsuitable for children based on full frontal nudity.

Of course since my son and I are both residents of the real world as opposed to CSM's fearful, hysterical fantasy world, we found the whole thing entertaining. No nightmares. No freak outs. Neither of us felt the need to start smoking crack. No sniper rifles were purchased as a consequence. Somehow in the 2 weeks following this terrible experience we were able to pick up the shattered pieces of our lives and go on . . .

My son has asked Liz Perle of CSM about museums. There's quite a bit of nudity at MoMa, the Louvre, the Orsay. Oddly, no response from CSM on that or the San Francisco Bratwurst Incident.