Friday, August 20, 2010

Do I call them the dragonettes?

While there's been quite a lot published about the first generation of children's librarians, editors and booksellers, Barbara Bader has had the idea to take a closer look at the second generation--those who learned from those pioneers and struck out in new directions. For next year's Horn Books, Barbara is planning a series of short profiles of some of these women and is seeking out anyone with first-hand experience with the following librarians: Augusta Baker, Mildred Batchelder, and Virginia Haviland. You can contact Barbara at bbader at earthlink dot net.  Truly juicy stories should also be cc'ed to me.


Anonymous said...

No second-generation stories, but here's a juicy piece of trivia regarding a member of the first generation:

"Nicholas" was anatomically correct.


Debbie Reese said...

Another more recent possibility of change-maker is Doris Seale.

Anonymous said...

Debbie's comment prompted me to google the names you mention, Roger. They look like three fascinating and impressive women. I'll be interested to read what Barbara Bader has to say about them.

Roger Sutton said...

Debbie--I've been in touch with Doris about writing something for us. She's game but still mulling her subject.

And, PDS, I do hope Nicholas was kept a safe distance from Alice-Heidi when he and Annie Carraway came to visit the bookshop!