Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Perfect for the no-no corner

I know summer is rapidly leaving us, but I wanted to tell you that Dean Schneider and Robin Smith's poster, "When A Is for Xbox: 26 Ways to Prevent Summer Reading," is now available. You can either print out a copy for yourself for free or order the full-size, full-color scroll from us for seven bucks.

I want Dean and Robin to do a follow-up: "Top ten conversational tip-offs that somebody doesn't like to read"

1. "I'd rather DO something."
2. "I wish I could find the time to read."
3. "I think that's in my queue."
4. "Reading is great for when you're bored."
5. "Why don't they have books for people like ME?"
6. "I have the complete works of William Shakespeare on my Kindle."
7. "I make my kid read twenty pages a night."
8. "Reading helps you get ahead."
9. "My friend reads EVERYTHING."
10. "Did you learn that from a book?"

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chelle said...

Yay! Thank you.