Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No, I should eat less ice cream

Someone is not clear on the concept of recreational reading. From "Reading in the Digital Age by the Numbers," PW 10/4/2010: "75: Percentage of 9-17-year-olds who know they should read more for fun."


Emily said...

I entirely agree that it's odd how we've made a virtue out of something that is ostensibly for fun; that said, I was a 9-17-year-old who "knew I should read more for fun."

What that meant:
"I wish I read more for fun, but after an hour on the bus I need to relax with something that requires less brainpower than fiction."

"I wish I read more for fun, but since I have three papers due on Monday I'm not actually sure where that time would come from."

"I wish I read more for fun; unfortunately the last three books I started turned out not to be fun AT ALL. Fail."

Moira said...

I got in trouble as a kid because I was told by teachers that I read too much for fun (since I spent most of Algebra reading Pogo collections, they were right).

I can't think of when I *don't* read for fun. Well, except for bus schedules, bills, and Employee Handbooks at new jobs. (i.e. "The Reason You're Not Getting any Benefits," "Why What We Agreed to During Your Interview Isn't Necessarily What We're Gonna Give You," etc.)