Wednesday, November 03, 2010

November/December Horn Book Magazine

The November/December issue is out, with a beautiful cover by Anita Lobel, whose Sutherland Lecture is in the issue. We've put online our reviews of new holiday books, Vicky Smith writing about religion and reviewing, Leonard Marcus on picture books from overseas and Mary Downing Hahn, Susan Cooper, and I discussing our choices for snow-day reading.

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kirstencappy said...

Roger, I too revisited the DARK IS RISING. I snatched the audiobook from the library as I sped out of town called to Vermont because my father had just been admitted to the hospital. I needed something to distract my worry on the drive.
I did not actually pop the first CD until the return trip (as the worry turned out to repel even Susan Cooper).

On the opening line, "I wish it would snow properly" the snow began to fall on the back roads winding away from the hospital. As I went through the chapters, the highway became a white out and in the way of those sudden storms, made this solo driver feel alone in the universe.

Trying to make it home to Maine against all good sense, I became as terrified and determined as Will. As riding with me was the cliche but uttering individual feeling that a father (who cannot remember who you are even for the briefest of moments in his hospital bed) signals that at some point I will need to proceed on my adventures without my parents--something that children's literature has been preparing me for all my life.

Thanks for reminding me of that night.