Saturday, November 06, 2010

Quelle surprise

So Cushing Academy turned a library into a coffee-shop hangout and declare it a win because now more students come there? Talk about diminished expectations.


Tandy said...

My daughter attends a small boarding school. Their YA-loving librarian left this year and was replaced by an archivist. I was bummed because one of the things I liked about the school (among many others) was the librarian, who had a big Nerdfighters poster on the wall.

So an archivist? Really? But the first two things he did that I know of were to create a YA-reading list for himself to play catch up and schedule a YA author visit.

That has nothing to do with the article. I just wanted to give him a shout-out even though it's kind of a vague one that he'll never see.

I love librarians. :)

Liz B said...

From the article, one would think the majority of students & staff believe that books are for research & data gathering, nothing else. This is not so much about a change in library but a shift in how research is done.

Apparently, the fiction collection was preserved but you wouldn't know it from this. Also, it doesn't address what happens for things that aren't digitalized. And, what about the recreational non-fiction reader?