Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Field trip!

Writer Susan Kushner Resnick pays tribute to one of our finest local institutions, the New England Mobile Book Fair.


Jennifer Schultz said...

Wow, that sounds terrific. I hope they find a good buyer. We have something similar-Green Valley Book Fair, near Harrisonburg, VA. Lots of fun-just bring your patience! (It can get very crowded.)

Kate said...

I was lucky - instead of Rhode Island, I just came from one town over. I lived down the street from the owners' son and his charming dog, Jenny. "Bookmobile," as I called it, has served me well through every stage of life, from my youngest obsessive collection of Roger Hargreaves' books, through my preteen adventures in pulp sci-fi, and into adulthood with the best cookbook selection in New England. I am too big and well-oriented to actually get lost in there anymore (when I was a child, I did so on purpose), but my ability to get figuratively lost remains unchanged.