Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nonfiction and two more notables.

Sorry to be such a slug here but we've been knee deep not just in snow (and, yes, we HAD a snow day, but I had to spend it working on reviews) but in our special March/April issue of the Magazine, "Fact, Fiction, and In-Between." Really, subscribe now: I think it's going to be one of the best things we've ever published. Contributors include Kathy Isaacs, Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Erica Zappy, Matt Tavares, Marc Aronson, Steve Jenkins, Betsy Partridge, Monica Edinger, Tanya Lee Stone, Viki Ash and Thom Barthelmess, Marthe Jocelyn, Steve Herb, and Leonard Marcus; with short author-essays by Laurie Halse Anderson, Chris Barton, Margarita Engle, Candy Fleming, Jim Giblin, Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan, Deborah Heiligman, Katherine Paterson, and Andrea Davis Pinkney. PLUS reviews, which include--how does this happen?--two new picture book biographies of Jane Goodall.

And in news of other Great Ladies, I was so happy to see old friend and longtime Horn Book Guide reviewer Henrietta Smith be awarded the Virginia Hamilton Practioner Award for Lifetime Achievement, and that scrappy Patsy Aldana of Groundwood Books has been named a Member of the Order of Canada. Congrats to both!


Terry Doherty said...

Holy cow! What a lineup. I'm reading Chains now, so this will be wonderfully timely! So glad I got a subscription at ALA last fall.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this silly question, but are single-copy purchases of the magazine available? I've asked at a few bookstores, but no luck. Thanks.