Monday, February 07, 2011

And slept, on the bus, through the Superbowl

Back from a weekend in New York--Lost in the Stars at Encores! (terribly worthy and high-minded), Billy Elliot (LOTS of fun) and a double-dip at MOMA with Andy Warhol's movies and the Abstract Expressionists (my favorite pictured, Jackson Pollock's Easter and the Totem).

I wonder when we learn to be willingly (if grudgingly) edified. Watching Lost in the Stars, I thought, "well, this is dull and preachy and the singing isn't all that exciting, but I'm glad to have finally seen an Encores! production and to add to my knowledge of Kurt Weill's music, which in the main I like." I guess it's a form of delayed gratification, never my favorite concept, but perhaps I'm growing up.

As far as "Modern Art" goes, I just stick with Gertrude Stein's considered response: "I like to look at it."

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