Sunday, May 22, 2011

Real Boy Movie

We saw Thor last night, and it made me think about the chapter I wrote about boy books for A Family of Readers. I called that "Go Big or Go Home" after Will Hobbs's novel of the same name, and boys and other people who loved that book will love this movie. Explosions, challenges, slapstick, father-son drama, sacrifice, and just a hint of romance (object of which being Natalie Portman, who I like a lot more here than in Black Swan).

However, I will never be able to go to the movies again without looking back to check the projector. And here I thought it was just my aging eyes.


Anonymous said...

Yes . . . but you notice, like Sherlock, it's a movie without the formerly-mandatory, half naked hot female.

There is a clip floating around of the Warrior Goddess Sif arriving on Earth-- naked of course, even though Thor arrived fully dressed--but evidently the powers that be decided not to put it into the movie, and boy am I glad.

Elissa said...

I wonder if The Hunger Games will be a real boy movie.

Maria said...

Thanks for posting about the 3-D lenses! We saw a 2D movie at AMC Metreon today and it looked horrible (underlit, no contrast). When I looked back...sure enough there were two beams on top of each other. So I politely complained to the manager, who gave me two comp tickets and promised he'd make sure it doesn't happen again. But not before inquiring what I did for a living, since "I seemed to know so much about it,". "A writer", I smiled, "and I do my research well". Both true, of course, but I think it give him a scare. Hopefully enough to change the darn lens next time I pay for a sitter to go to the theater!