Friday, June 17, 2011

Alex Forrest, at your service

In anticipation of the Big Banquet a week from Sunday, I'm giving you an early look at Mind the Gap, our annual list of those books snubbed by the ALA Awards. Okay, snubbed is harsh--overlooked? Dismissed? Ignored? (For the literalists: we know that not all of our choices were eligible, but we're still coming to boil your bunny.)

Mind the Gap will appear in our July/August issue devoted to the ALA awards (because, despite our most strident cavils, those awards do more than anything to keep children's books good and honest). The whole issue is a treat (it's also the biggest we've published since I've been here), with essays on the year's contenders by Deborah Stevenson and Vicky Smith; K.T. Horning on Newbery secrets; Megan Lambert and Leonard Marcus on the Caldecott Honor honorees; editor Patti Gauch on how to write a Newbery winner; and Robin Smith on the rewards of award committeeship. PLUS the acceptance speeches and profiles of the winners of the Newbery, Caldecott, Wilder and Coretta Scott King awards.

And oh-wait-there's-more: I asked a couple of dozen colleagues to name their choices for the books most significantly overlooked by the awards through the years. I told them not to pick Tuck Everlasting as I was afraid they all would; even so, one book received four nominations. You can read all about it when the issue is published: Monday morning, June 27th, at ALA in New Orleans. Come by the booth and get a copy!

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But, no one seriously argued that Ring of Solomon didn't stand on its own, right? Because that would be stupid.