Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Meet you at the Tick Tock Tea Room

Francesca Lia Block is speaking at the Cambridge Public Library on Saturday. I wonder if she'll have anything to say about the latest YA drama. Liz Burns, by the way, has a good roundup of the WSJ coverage over at the Tea Cozy.

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Elissa said...

She did have something to say about the WSJ article. Basically (in words more eloquent than this): Some teens need dark books. She directed people to the Sherman Alexie rebuttal to the WSJ article.

She began by reading from The Frenzy; the library's copy was checked out, so she read from a borrowed tablet device. She also talked about her gratitude to Charlotte Zolotow, for knowing what to do with Weetzie Bat, and how she (FLB) has been trying to get the movie version made forever (lamenting that Gwen Stefani is now too old to play Weetzie). She also described how she *sees* her books, like they're films, and how her best work starts with the feeling she wants to convey. She mentioned the projects she's working on now -- including a Weetzie Bat prequel and about ten other things all at once -- and encouraged all the writers in the audience to follow their creative bliss.