Friday, June 03, 2011

My New York Social Diary

I've spent the week in New York, talking with the sisters and brothers at LJ and SLJ. Brian tried to pry the BGHB winners (which will be announced in just over a week) out of me, but like Colonel Klink, I really do know nothing(k). So while we did get a little planning done re the awards evening and the following Horn Book at Simmons day (sign up now!) we are still a little short on specifics. I also commandeered a little cubicle there, with just a partition separating me from old pal Barbara Genco, who I met years ago at the Columbia library school (back when it had a library school) summer children's literature institute. Of course I had a good gossip with Trev Jones, mostly about the various categories of publishers' complaints ("Why didn't you review it?" "Why didn't you STAR it?")

And breakfast with Barbara Marcus, late of Scholastic and currently a Media Source board member and consultant for the Open Road ebook venture; she gave me advice about wedding rings, for which R and I are currently in the market. I've never worn a ring but Barbara says they don't interfere with writing, which is what I was afraid of. A special treat was lunch with Lillian Gerhardt, editor emerita of SLJ, who gave me my start in this opining biz when she hired me in 1983 as a YA columnist. She had a few juicy items re ALSC and ALA that I am now going to check out.

Two plays with Richard: The Normal Heart, which I found underwhelming, and Jerusalem, which I recommend to any fan of the great Brit fantasists. Same material, very different spin (nobody but the English uses the c-word with such gusto and versatility).

Okay, back to work (and sneaking in glimpses at Roland Garros on the side. Have you seen my new wallpaper?) Allez!

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