Sunday, July 03, 2011

Five Questions for Clare Vanderpool

With Clare, her being from Kansas and writing about Kansas and loving Kansas and all, I got to reminisce about Mike Printz, who ran an oral history project with his Topeka West High teens, documenting the lives of famous Kansans. (We did an SLJ article together called "E.T.'s Mom Phones Home," about how Mike's teens got Kansas actress Dee Wallace to come to their school.) But I was thrilled to hear that Clare's next book will be set in Maine, Vanderpool regarding Abilene's story as "finished" and laudably resisting the trend toward sequelization.

Her kids and husband were there, her sister was there, and, wow, is she poised. And, as she also demonstrated in her Newbery speech the next evening, very funny. Thanks for coming, Clare!

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dkm said...

YAY for Kansas authors! (being an aspiring one myself) And big congrats to Clare Vanderpool on the Newbery!