Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The cake she baked

Simmons gal Susan Bloom made this delicious wedding cake for us, chocolate with praline frosting. YUM. While it is true that I am taller than Richard, I am represented by the little faux-Hummel guy in the bow tie (whose head fell off when we washed him; sorry Kitty) while the tall man is an Alias action figure of arch villain Arvin Sloane as played by Ron Rifkin, to whom Richard bears a startling resemblance.

Thank you Susan for the cake; Kitty for the faux-Hummel and all the Horn Bookers who made fruit salad, took pictures, danced, and held my hand.


Kitty said...

What am I to tell the faux-Hummel bride? (just noticed that she and her late husband are/were salt and pepper shakers!)

Roger Sutton said...

That he went to a gay wedding and lost his head.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was priceless.